Naval Air training


A suitable crew training should be designed in accordance to the crew concept used to built the mission system.
NATOPS has been created as an alternative to existing training and mentoring solutions to provide Thales with the training adapted to the AMASCOS system.
We offer a fully customizable on demand pedagogical service, based on the renowned French Navy ATL2 crew concept (complementary leadership of both Captain & TACCO).



From first flight to full operational readiness, any Maritime Patrol or Surveillance Aircraft Pilot requires numerous trainings.
20 years of International experience taught us this “Off the shelf” training solutions ends up lacking training consistency.
(“Haven’t you been taught this procedure before?”).
Taken apart from their full syllabus, modules don’t exactly match with each other, and most of the time they are not designed for Naval Aviators.

Natops elaborated a fully integrated Pilot syllabus to optimize both student’s performance and flight safety.
At Natops we strongly believe that safety, efficiency and human factors are closely related.
You will not find any lacking or useless modules in our syllabus. That is because we follow our trainees from their first flight to full operational readiness at sea.
We can even take part in the Type Rating training on their mission aircraft: you get the best from both Civilian and Military Aviation.
Our user orientated pedagogical solutions provide Pilots with strong basics, and specific AMASCOS reflex: both are paramount to their performance and safety.
Because basic and specific skills will be taught at the right time in the syllabus, you also save expensive additional training flight time catching up with them on your mission aircraft.

Why would you learn flying Clovers leaves* or computing your PLE** on a Dash8 or Falcon2000?

FULLY INTEGRATED PILOT SYLLABUS adds value to your aero maritime tool with improved flight safety, and significantly decreases your pilots training’s cost.


*Basic naval aviator’s maneuver to fly back to a vector

**Prudence Limit Endurance: a safe method to compute minimum fuel at sea


Check our partners

ESMA international flight school, ISAE university & French Navy CESSAN allow NATOPS to offer a fully integrated naval aviator syllabus on DASH, Falcon family or almost any mission aircraft, dedicated to train (and possibly select) the replacement pilots for your squadron.